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Favorite authors

There are good books and good authors and then there are the books and authors that each person just loves to read. I've decided that there are four authors whose stuff I truly love and will read no matter what.

Author: Steve Alten
Website: http://www.stevealten.com/
Books: MEG: A Novel of Deep Terror, The LOCH, and Domain
Imagine a book written by Michael Crichton, Peter Benchley, and Dan Brown and you would probably have a Steve Alten book. His work is an excellent mix of history, science, thriller, and science fiction.

Author: Barb & JC Hendee
Website: http://www.nobledead.com/
Books: Dhampir, Theif of Lives, and Sister of the Dead
Barb & JC Hendee have created a wonderful fantasy world that mixes elements of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Lord of the Rings in their Noble Dead series.

Author: Dan Brown
Website: http://www.danbrown.com/
Books: Angels & Demons, The Da Vinci Code, and Deception Point
Dan Brown has written three of the best historical thrillers that I have ever read.

Author: Terry Brooks
Website: http://www.terrybrooks.net
Books: The Sword of Shannara, etc.
Terry Brook's Shannara series is one of the best in the world of fantasy. Yes it is very reminiscent of LOTR but who cares? It's good stuff.
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